Driver Trainers / Assessors

We are delighted to be the choice insurance broking partner of the Australian Driver Trainers Association. Our professional indemnity and public liability insurance product and support services have been specifically designed for the exclusive benefit of members.


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Driver Trainers Insurance Cover - Online Quote

We can help you arrange a Combined Professional Indemnity and Business Public Insurance Policy.

We have been arranging this insurance for over 4 years and have placed over 3000 policies.

We have the support of the following industry bodies:

  • Australian Driver Trainers Association VIC
  • Australian Driver Trainers Association SA
  • Australian Driver Trainers Association ACT
  • Australian Driver Trainers Association NT
  • Australian Driver Trainers Association TAS
  • NSW Driver Trainers Association

If you are a member of one of these associations or a licenced driver trainer in QLD or WA, please consider us for your insurance needs.


Our insurance program for ADTA members and underwritten by Guild Insurance Limited offers Professional Indemnity and Business Publlic Liability cover under the one policy.

Professional Indemnity Insurance – designed to cover the legal liability of the driver trainer / school arising from any claim as a result of a breach of professional duty.

Public Liability Insurance designed to cover the driver trainer / school where their alleged actions or negligence cause injury or property damage to third parties.

We understand the risk profile of a driver trainer and our policy has been tailored accordingly.

The policy is structured as a ‘difference in conditions’ policy. This means that the policy is designed to cover claims that may be excluded under your motor vehicle insurance policy or State compulsory/statutory third party bodily injury arrangements.

The type of claims that may be covered include:

  • A motor vehicle insurer or a State Accident Authority seeking recovery against the driver trainer alleging his/her negligence contributed to the loss
  • A commercial driver (ie. truck driver, courier, etc) loses their licence for a period of time resulting in a loss of income. This person then alleges that incorrect training by the driver trainer was a factor in the loss of licence.
  • Injury sustained by client whilst attending classroom training
  • Injury sustained by client whilst on private land, including the training school or office environment
  • Alleged defamation of a competitor
  • Alleged misleading or deceptive conduct (breaches of the Competition and Consumer Act 2012)
  • Claims against the driving school (legal entity) arising from the actions of employees and/or contractors
  • Claims arising from allegation of incorrect assessment
  • Allegation of sexual misconduct or racial discrimination/abuse
  • Claims arising from breaches of the rules governing your driver trainer licence/registration

We can also assist with your other insurance requirements including:

  • Business / Property Insurance
  • Management Liability / Directors and Officers Insurance
  • Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance
  • Travel Insurance


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