Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants

Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance – a significant AFCC member benefit AND IT’S FREE for members


Focus Insurance Brokers arrange on behalf of the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants a Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance policy for the benefit of members.

The type of ceremonies covered under the policy include:

  • Marriage Ceremonies
  • Naming Ceremonies
  • Funerals and Memorial celebrations
  • Commitment Ceremonies
  • Entry into adolescene ceremonies
  • Coming of Age ceremonies
  • Significant Birthdays
  • Significant Anniversaries
  • Citizenship ceremonies
  • Graduation ceremonies
  • Business celebrations
  • Boat Naming ceremonies

Professional Indemnity Insurance – Covers you for allegations of professional wrongdoing by you in the delivery of your professional services. For example, completion of incorrect paperwork, unintentional defamation or breach of someone elses intellectual property.

Public Liability Insurance – Covers claims for accidental bodily injury or property damage to clients and/or members of the public at your premises or anywhere you work in Australia. For example, a person falling and injuring themselves at a ceremony

We can also assist with your other insurance requirements including:

  • General / Portable Property ie. Laptop computers, audio/visual equipment, etc
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance

The policy is issued in the name of the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants and extends to cover all fully paid financial members.

A summary of policy coverage is below:

Policy Period: 1 July 2016 to 1 July 2017

Professional Indemnity Cover: 
$3,000,000 aggregate limit / $1,000,000 any one claim
Excess $1,000 each and every claim

Public Liability Cover:
$20,000,000 any one Occurrence
Excess $500 each and every claim

You can obtain a complete copy of the policy through the AFCC website site via the members only section. This with detail full policy terms, conditions, exclusions, claims conditions, etc.

For all policy enquiries, please call us on 03 9595 0224 or send us an email at

Hi David,
I have to congratulate you on making this such an awesomely easy process.
This is the way cloud technology should be used, a win-win for both parties.
Excellent! Love it!

Ed Henry
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