Cover for TRANZnet members

We are delighted to partner with TRANZnet to support you as a member with your insurance cover needs.


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TRANZnet Member Insurance Cover - Online Quote

As a TRANZnet member, Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance is a requirement and an important part of your risk management strategy.

We have tailored a product for you with Guild Insurance Limited that offers Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance cover under the one policy.

Our product is designed to cover you for the following services:

Provision of accredited training, licensing, assessment and consultancy for:

  • Safe handling of dangerous goods (classroom based);
  • Safe use of commercial vehicles, heavy motor and plant and equipment to the logistics, construction, mining and associated industries;
  • Programmes in tourist, caravan park operation, business services, foresty and manufacturing mineral products
  • NHVAS Auditing

And, if you need to extend or tailor this cover, we can customise the policy to suit your your individual requirements.

Some key benefits of our insurance program include:

  • Your own individual policy (not part of a Master/Umbrella Policy arrangement)
  • Low excesses in the event of a claim
  • Free run-off cover for 12 months following business closure or your retirement
  • Unlimited Retrospective Cover

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Hi David,
I have to congratulate you on making this such an awesomely easy process.
This is the way cloud technology should be used, a win-win for both parties.
Excellent! Love it!

Ed Henry
Director - Sage Australia Pty Ltd