Crime Insurance

White collar crime is on the rise. The changing economic environment, changes in technology and growing local and international crime networks make the threat of loss more ominous than ever before.


Employee dishonesty and fraudulent third parties pose a serious risk to companies.  In Australia alone, fraud is estimated to be a multi billion dollar industry and one of the fastest growing problems facing business today.

Robust internal controls can help prevent dishonest and fraudulent acts but no controls and procedures are fool proof.  In order to effectively manage the risk exposure, internal controls should be accompanied by a comprehensive crime insurance policy.

A crime insurance policy can be tailored to meet your risk exposure.

Coverage options include:

Employee Theft: Losses of money, securities and other property cause by theft or forgery by an employee.

Premises cover: Losses sustained due to the destruction, disappearance or abstraction of money and securities within or from the Insured’s premises by third parties.

In Transit cover: Losses sustained due to the destruction, disappearance or abstraction of money and securities outside the Insured’s premises by a third party, while being conveyed by the insured or any authorised person.

Forgery cover: Losses resulting from instruments which have been fraudulently drawn upon the company’s accounts by a third party.

Computer Fraud cover: Losses resulting from the unlawful taking or fraudulently induced transfer of money, securities or property through the use by a third party of a computer network and facilities either owned and operated or leased and operated by an Insured .

Funds Transfer Fraud cover: Losses sustained by an Insured resulting from fraudulent instructions issued to an financial institution by a third party directing them to transfer or pay or deliver money or securities from the Insured’s bank account without the Insured’s knowledge and consent.

Counterfeit Currency Fraud cover: Losses sustained by the Insured where the insured accepts in good faith and in the ordinary course of business either counterfeit currency or a postal or money order supposedly issued by the post office but not paid upon presentation.

Credit Card Fraud cover: Losses sustained by an Insured resulting from the forgery or alteration of any written instruction by a third party, required in connection with any credit card issued to an Insured to any employee or partner of an Insured that is a partnership.

Client cover: Losses sustained by a client resulting from theft fraud or dishonesty by an employee not in collusion with the client’s directors or employees.

Expense cover: covers investigative costs or computer violation expenses incurred in establishing the existence and amount of any direct loss in excess of the deductible.

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