Actuarial Services

A well managed business understands their risks and manages them on a daily basis.


Organisations manage their risk by improving processes and procedures or transferring this risk via insurance.

Insurance is a valuable tool to transfer risk effectively, however buying too much insurance may result in inefficient use of funds and too little insurance may have a devastating impact on financial viability.

Focus Insurance Brokers can access on behalf of clients actuarial services to help quantify the right level of insurance protection. These services are provided by WSA Financial Consulting Pty Ltd

Risk quantification and dynamic financial modelling of risk outcomes provides the management tools required for more informed business decisions.

WSA Financial Consulting Pty Ltd can help you assess and deal with the financial impact of risk and uncertainty.

This service is of particular value to clients who have a frequency of claims or loss incidences. WSA will analyse past claims data to model claim trends and future possible outcomes.

This information can be used by clients to:

  • Understand your risk tolerance and appetite
  • Set appropriate risk transfer and risk retention levels
  • Set appropriate indemnity limits
  • Evaluate “worst case” scenarios
  • Assess self insurance options
  • Evaluate long tail financial loss


The driving force behind WSA Financial Consulting Pty Ltd is Mr. Bill Szuch.

Bill is exceptionally qualified and has vast experience.


Bachelor of Science, Melbourne University
Bachelor of Arts, Macquarie University
Master of Business Administration, Melbourne University
Fellow of Institute of Actuaries of Australia
Fellow of Institute of Actuaries, London


Providing actuarial and strategic advice in respect of funding long term liability schemes for medical, legal and other professional associations.  Often as a result of the analysis, alternative funding arrangements were developed at a lower cost.  Such projects involve working with insurance brokers, insurers and reinsurers.

Costing and analysis of professional indemnity schemes for professional bodies and associations.

Analysis of insurance claims for corporations and setting funding and risk retention levels.

Analysis and valuation of accident compensation schemes such as Workers Compensation and CTP Insurance.

Actuarial valuations, financial feasibility studies and analysis of self-insurance strategy for workers compensation liabilities.

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