Recruitment / HR Consultants

Focus Insurance Brokers specialise in the placement of professional indemnity and public liability for recruitment and HR professionals.


Professional Indemnity insurance provides essential financial protection for the HR and Recruitment industry against potential losses arising out of acts, errors and omissions from professional services provided. Exposure to risk depend on the roles undertaken for clients and can range from screening, selection and placement of permanent or temporary personnel to a wide variety of HR consulting activities.

Key Exposures:

  • Failure to perform essential employment related checks
  • Acting outside the scope of client permitted authority
  • Passing a candidate’s CV to an existing employer or to a third party without consent
  • Unsuitable candidates
  • Failure to ensure appropriate working environment for on-hired employees / consultants
  • Vicarious liability arising out actions of on-hired employees
  • Misrepresentation of job / career opportunities
  • Incorrect advice – e.g., IR, dismissals, etc …

Public Liability insurance will protect recruitment and HR consultants from unforeseen financial loss arising from bodily injury or property damage claims.

The public liability risk is generally low and usually limited to general office/occupiers liability. Some staff may work away from the premises to conduct interviews, meet clients etc. The frequency with which functions or presentations are held involving large numbers of guests should be considered. Since the premises may be either owned or leased, the responsibility for common areas such as lobbies, lifts, stairwells etc, as well as any responsibility under tenancy agreements as owner or occupier must be clearly established in determining liability exposure.

Labour hire exposures should also be investigated as some “temporary” placements may leave the client worker outside the protection of the client employer’s worker’s compensation scheme. Injury to such workers could form a claim against the employer or agency’s public liability program.

Focus Insurance Brokers has access to a number of insurers and insurance agencies that underwriter HR and recruitment consultants.

Please let us assist you tailor the right insurance program for your unique risk profile.

Other products we can advise on include:

  • Business Pack
  • Business Interruption
  • Management Liability
  • Travel
  • General / Portable property
  • Crime / Theft

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